For the next months I've set myself three projects:
  1. Green groceries
  2. Green wrapping
  3. Marble bags
Green groceries
My goal: to take no plastic bags anymore in shops -> thus to make so many totes that I always have one with me.

Links to the posts: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

2. Green wrapping
My goal: to wrap at least half of the gifts eco-friendly
With the holiday season approaching I'd like to try to wrap the Sinterklaas and X-mass gifts eco-friendly. Especially the Sinterklaas will be difficult as I will have to explain why Sinterklaas is not using paper wrapping this year and does this only in our household.
3. Marble bags
My goal: 35 bags before june next year
For the birthday of my youngest I want to make 35 marble bags for the children in his class. The last time I noticed that when you do them all in the last month it is getting rather boring to make them. So this time I will start early.