Saturday, October 29, 2011


Since yesterday I have a pinterest account. Have been filling it with stuff that I collected in a word document, which was a far from ideal way to save them.

You can check on:

WIP: granny square bag 5

Yet another update. I've added some handles.

Now only the lining left ....

Thursday, October 27, 2011

WIP: granny square bag 4

Another update: finished the last two squares and made a border at the top:

And now there is the challenge to make some nice handles. And finally I have to decide on the lining....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Newest buy

When I was at Ikea I bought this wonderfull fabric. What should/ could I do with it.....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WIP: granny square bag 3

And today another update on the granny square bag. I've added two more block to the work. The back has its final shape now..

Monday, October 24, 2011

WIP: granny square bag 2

I made my first squares of my granny square bag and since I don't like the "putting it together" at the end and the "weaving the loose ends" I try to do this as much as possible during the proces.

Here is the current status; its already starting to look like a bag....:


I started with the small squares with a rose in the middle, of which I took 4 to form one square. The pattern/tutorial is from Rose Hip.

 I thought that it would be too much roses if I would do all the blocks like this, so I decided to make a block with only one, but a little bit larger rose. I adjusted the pattern of Rose Hip, by adding a third ring of petals to it. Just like the second row, but now 4 chains instead of 3 and * 1sc, 7dc, 1sc * for each petal. The background color was attached to the second ring of petals just like in the pattern for the smaller rose.

At "the back" of the bag I used blocks in 2D rather than 3D. As a basis I took the "Somalia" from Nadelspiel. It comes with a youtube instruction. I will make four of these squares.
Because I'm using my scraps, not all the yarn is of the same thickness, so I have to cheat here and there. In the middle of the Somalia's I put a block with four friendship rings. It is from a pattern on allfreecrochetafghanpatterns. The pattern is quite easy although I misread at some point and that took me some time to figure out.

 Now still four blocks and the handles to go, of which one is on its way.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

WIP: granny square bag

Well, I already crocheted a second tote with my newly selfadjusted pattern. Here's the result:

Now it is time for something else. I saw some examples of a bag with granny squares. And a granny square that I likes very much - so that made the beginning.

The square that started it is a lovely one with a flower in the middle of it. It is a wonderfull pattern on Rose hip.

The bag is going to be something like this:

It can be found in many forms; the left one is on crafster. Later I found the right one which is on Dutch Sisters.

And now that I finished some squares I found out that this is going to take a more time than originally intended. So it doesn't quite fall in the quick pattern category that I wanted for my green groceries project, but I think the end-result will be worth it.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Two more totes

I already made two other totes.

One is made of fabric, and I replicated a plastic bag that had nice dimensions. It works very well. I will make a tutorial later.

The other one is crocheted. It is after the pattern that I used earlier. However, that tote was a little bit too long and to slim. So I adjusted the pattern. This tutorial will also follow later.

Here´s the result:

Thursday, October 20, 2011


For my green groceries goal, I started to make totes. The first one is after the Piekeboe pattern of Eloleo.

The result is not entirely what it was intended. Sometimes I have a project that seems to attrack to make errors....;-( Then even the most simple things seem not to go as its supposed to be. I forgot the elastic band, cut only two handle pieces instead of 4 so I had to improvise on the fabric since I didn't have enough, etcetera.

Anyway, I still like the design very much, but I discovered that it is not the most suitable pattern for my current goal. I think I need a simpler pattern to be able to make a lot of bags in a short period of time. Furthermore the handles in the pattern take a long piece of fabric, which I usually do not have as scraps.

Well, although not the best project ever, here are the photos.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tissue holder

For a friend I made this tissue holder, after the tutorial of CraftSnob. I’ve added her initials.

I think that this makes a great small gift.

Monday, October 17, 2011


For the next months I've set myself three projects:

  1. Green groceries
  2. Green wrapping
  3. Marble bags
1. Green groceries
My goal:  to take no plastic bags anymore in shops

Our supermarket shopping was already 99% green. That is we always take reusible bags etcetera with us. Only for the unexpected shopping I had to buy a new one or take some plastic bags. However with the other shopping still a considerable amount of plastic bags come into our house (which we already try to reuse as much as possible).
To reduce also this use of plastic bags, I started to make some shopping totes from fabric. Nice to try the different pattern that are out there, reuse some favorite scrap fabric. And it seems to be a prerequisite to reach my goal.

2. Green wrapping
My goal: to wrap at least half of the gifts eco-friendly

With the holiday season approaching I'd like to try to wrap the Sinterklaas and X-mass gifts eco-friendly. Especially the Sinterklaas will be difficult as I will have to explain why Sinterklaas is not using paper wrapping this year and does this only in our household.

3. Marble bags
My goal: 35 bags before june next year

For the birthday of my youngest I want to make 35 marble bags for the children in his class. The last time I noticed that when you do them all in the last month it is getting rather boring to make them. So this time I will start early.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I mentioned the kidlet of JCasa in a post in august.
I adjusted the front pocket a little bit. It works perfectly for the hair clips of my daughter.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lists: shopping totes

The projects of morsbags and green bag lady have inpired me to try and stop our use of plastic bags completely. We already have reduced a lot of its use. When we do our groceries we use 'klapkratjes', a word that I don't know how to translate so here's the picture:

Still, I collect a lot a plastic bags in other shops. To really make it work I have to have more shopping totes, in onder to always have one with me, (and maybe give some away and inspire others). So.... this time a list of nice shopping totes to make. Criteria: comfortable to use, quick to make and/or reasonably fashionable....

  1. Very simple, straigth forward and quick totes (half an hour?) come from morse bag and green bag lady
  2. A little more advanced than the morsebag, with a pocket in front to fold the bag in: the recycle project of Eloleo
  3. The piekeboe from Eloleo can be folded into a small packet
  4. A model that does not have sewn on handles but integrated in the pattern: the quick carrier of earth girl fabrics
  5. A larger model with a round bottom comes from The Purl Bee
  6. A model with a litlle more space because of the pleads at the bottom comes from Crafster, it is based on a plastic bag.
  7. And a very advanced project: wallet to tote with a zipper from sew mama sew
  8. Another possibility is to crochet a tote. I already made one, but I made the model a little bit too long. I can't find the pattern anymore, so I may try another like from The adventures of Cassie
Finally I've found the Green Grocery Bag Challenge on sew mama sew from last holiday season. Such a nice idea to try and cut down in the use wrapping paper. project.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Finished patchwork blanket

From old jeans I've made my first patchwork blanket. If you look too close you'll see some points to improve in the future, but ...... I still like the overall picture very much....