Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lists: shopping totes

The projects of morsbags and green bag lady have inpired me to try and stop our use of plastic bags completely. We already have reduced a lot of its use. When we do our groceries we use 'klapkratjes', a word that I don't know how to translate so here's the picture:

Still, I collect a lot a plastic bags in other shops. To really make it work I have to have more shopping totes, in onder to always have one with me, (and maybe give some away and inspire others). So.... this time a list of nice shopping totes to make. Criteria: comfortable to use, quick to make and/or reasonably fashionable....

  1. Very simple, straigth forward and quick totes (half an hour?) come from morse bag and green bag lady
  2. A little more advanced than the morsebag, with a pocket in front to fold the bag in: the recycle project of Eloleo
  3. The piekeboe from Eloleo can be folded into a small packet
  4. A model that does not have sewn on handles but integrated in the pattern: the quick carrier of earth girl fabrics
  5. A larger model with a round bottom comes from The Purl Bee
  6. A model with a litlle more space because of the pleads at the bottom comes from Crafster, it is based on a plastic bag.
  7. And a very advanced project: wallet to tote with a zipper from sew mama sew
  8. Another possibility is to crochet a tote. I already made one, but I made the model a little bit too long. I can't find the pattern anymore, so I may try another like from The adventures of Cassie
Finally I've found the Green Grocery Bag Challenge on sew mama sew from last holiday season. Such a nice idea to try and cut down in the use wrapping paper. project.

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