Thursday, September 8, 2011

6 on a row : pretend and play professions

I’ve always liked to make lists. So why not on my blog. And how many on a row. I chose 6; 6 is a very special number for mathematicians: 6 = 1 x 2 x 3 = 1 + 2 + 3. Now each week 6 on a row

Pretend and play professions
In the last issue of At home kinderen there was a special on pretend and play professions. I like this ideas very much so here my list of professions and the result of my search on the internet.
1.       Chef

My children like to play ‘restaurant’. For which they usually use the apron and chef’s hat that I made for one of their birthdays.

Later I made some pasta from felt. A very easy task.

2.       Postman

I’ve been planning to make some of these for a while now. Still haven’t found the time, but I think they would have a great time playing with it.

On Momfetti I found a nice tutorial for fabric postcards. On In color order a tutorial for a fabric envelope. A mailbox tutorial I’ve found on Giverslog. And a complete set of pretend and play mail carrier set on Twelve crafts till Christmas.
3.       Bob the builder

Inspiration for a felt toolbox I’ve found on Fairyfox. A tutorial for a toolbelt can be found on Make it and love it.
4.       Docter

I found a nice docter’s bag, an example of a VET’s play set, and fabric band-aids
5.       Shop keeper

For my children I made some grocery bags/shopping tote.

I’m still planning to make them some extra felt groceries. I found a nice list of tutorials on Skip to my Lou
6.       Knight

For carnival I’ve made a knight’s outfit. I hope to make a tutorial for that in the future. They wore it with grey tights. The top is easy to put on for littele children. It is even reversible, so that they can choose their outfit.

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