Sunday, October 23, 2011

WIP: granny square bag

Well, I already crocheted a second tote with my newly selfadjusted pattern. Here's the result:

Now it is time for something else. I saw some examples of a bag with granny squares. And a granny square that I likes very much - so that made the beginning.

The square that started it is a lovely one with a flower in the middle of it. It is a wonderfull pattern on Rose hip.

The bag is going to be something like this:

It can be found in many forms; the left one is on crafster. Later I found the right one which is on Dutch Sisters.

And now that I finished some squares I found out that this is going to take a more time than originally intended. So it doesn't quite fall in the quick pattern category that I wanted for my green groceries project, but I think the end-result will be worth it.

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