Thursday, October 20, 2011


For my green groceries goal, I started to make totes. The first one is after the Piekeboe pattern of Eloleo.

The result is not entirely what it was intended. Sometimes I have a project that seems to attrack to make errors....;-( Then even the most simple things seem not to go as its supposed to be. I forgot the elastic band, cut only two handle pieces instead of 4 so I had to improvise on the fabric since I didn't have enough, etcetera.

Anyway, I still like the design very much, but I discovered that it is not the most suitable pattern for my current goal. I think I need a simpler pattern to be able to make a lot of bags in a short period of time. Furthermore the handles in the pattern take a long piece of fabric, which I usually do not have as scraps.

Well, although not the best project ever, here are the photos.

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